Monday, October 22, 2012

"Or maybe I just care... too much!!"

Sometimes I have irrational concerns with the world that I seriously should not let bother me, because really, what can I do about them? Things like:

  • This public bathroom soap dispenser uses the classic, liquid, sticky soap, instead of the foaming stuff I find much more efficient and preferable. Now I'm irritated with the entire hand washing process. Why do they do this to me? 
  • My favorite dress from a designer's runway show, for which I have waited months to find finally released on their website (knowing full well it will be too expensive to ever consider a viable purchase) is the ONE dress from the collection that doesn't make it to the production line, and so I will never know by how much it would have been impossible to buy. Jerks.
  • The kindergarten gate (to keep kids from running off, being kidnapped, etc.) at my daughter's school is awkwardly designed. They should really get someone in here to install a second gate. One for going and one for coming. This bottlenecking of high-strung moms trying to get to their kids is tedious and grating, and it's hard enough not to judge them all without having to hear them gripe behind me while I attempt to patiently wait my turn. 
  • (While were at it...)Your children are not as awesome as my children.
  • This jumbo pack of cotton underwear is practically dirt-cheap and just what I need, but I can't buy it, because one of the nine pairs is a color I don't like. Clearly the cotton underwear industry has conspired to ruin my day by never allowing packs of underwear to be grouped in a palette acceptable to my tastes. 

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