Wednesday, October 19, 2011


All of my day happened in a few minutes shy of one hour.

I had a headache, and was in and out of cohesive thinking ability for several straight hours. When I finally beat it into submission (win!), the entire contents of my day needed to be attended to RIGHT THIS SECOND. Here's how that looked:

Congratulations on resting, hydrating, and finding yourself headache-free! Your brain is now free to recognize things it could not before, like the fact that you are unbelievably hungry! Better get dinner started.

Wait a moment... Notice anything? You are hungry. Miss Ezra is hungrier. Feed the bebe.

"Yes, my Miah girl. I'm hungry too. Just as soon as I finish feeding your sister I'm going to start on our dinner."

Baby's done! Have a quick check on the state of her diaper. Status: pooped in.

Okay, self. Quickly gather diaper changing supplies and lay her on the changing mat. (Because she's so dang cute, hug and kiss her for moment.)

Hey, Self, you might want to get the water on and boiling while doing this.

Good idea! Wait here for two seconds, baby. Oh my, the kitchen's quite cluttered. While you're cooking, you should have a clear space on the counter for Ezra to sit in her bumbo seat near you. 

Clear the counter, throw a few dishes into the washer. Get ingredients from the cupboard. Forget to start the water.

"Yes Miah, I'm making gnocchi."

Go to change Ezra. Realize the clean diapers are in the wash. Get a spare from the diaper bag--but she just leaked poop into this cover. EVERY other cover is in that wash. 

"Yes Miah, go potty." 

Go out and throw the load into the dryer.

Put the new clean diaper on the baby and hope she waits a bit to pee. 

Finally  start the water on the stove.

Help miah finish pulling her undies back up.

Go out to the dryer, because the covers take like, two minutes to dry completely. Surely one of them is done.

Something. Is. Not. Right.

Look down and realize the diapers were NOT clean. They had been rinsed, but not washed. 

Curse under your breath. 

"Oh god that smell." Put all the diapers and all but one cover back into the wash, praying the dryer hasn't heat-set the nasty into them. 

Salt the water on the stove.

Take the cover and wash it quickly in the sink. 

Put the cover on. 

Keep Miah from touching the hot stove. Put on music for her to dance & entertain herself.

Finish clearing the counter and put Ezra in her seat to watch. 

Add gnocchi to boiling water. 
Open can of sauce. 
Strain gnocchi and call Miah over for dinner. Feed/eat.

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