Saturday, December 5, 2015

Art Outline Unit 3

This week we started on some festivity!

The classic cutting snowflakes activity takes on a little twist when you use your creations to form snowmen. 

-Background paper (construction thickness at least). I chose a grayish blue.
-Printer paper. Plain white sheets are best. Trying to cut through anything thicker, once folded, is too challenging for student scissors. (Some people use coffee filters for this and they work well.)
-Small scraps of accent papers. I supplied black for hats and coal, red for scarves, and orange for a carrot nose. 

45-60 minutes. 
Once the students get rolling this goes very smoothly, but they usually need help with the folding directions quite a bit at first. 

(Instructions for a true to nature 6-point snowflake can be found here!)

By now most of the students have done some kind of snowflake project in their elementary careers. I just gave them guidelines and they went to town! 

I gave them the option of using a cut snowflake for their snowman's head, or a solid circle they cut. Most chose a snowflake head because once you get going they are really irresistible!

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  1. Nicely done yet again! I was just chatting with Alisa about making something similar to this last night. Now I don't have to do the brain work!


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