Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Called to Order

Sometimes I'm the ancients Greeks, staring up into the abyss and conjuring shapes from a mess of scattered light. I'm assigning names and histories and reasons, which in turn create something for me--a name, and history, and reason. Maybe even purpose.

Sometimes I'm the mathematician, correlating symbols to repeating patterns in physics, in weather, in chemistry. I'm crafting an equation, a sentence in numbers, to explain, or to derive, possibly... to establish.

Sometimes I'm the surgeon. Slicing or dissecting, to see that everything is set to right. The twists and the curves don't bother me. I recognize the system in the mess.

Sometimes I'm the the artist, transposing the same shape over, and over. Designating meaning to color, and shade, and line. Completing the picture.

Sometimes I'm the drawing.
Sometimes I'm the anatomy.
Sometimes I'm the formula.
Sometimes I'm the constellation.

Sometimes I hope someone will call me out from the chaos. Will carve out my place and set me upon it.

Sometimes I have to do it for myself.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


Today I was inspired by a friend to write something--anything! once a week or so. Wednesdays, perhaps, and neglect this poor dusty blog no longer. Wish me luck?

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