Friday, November 23, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday--Battle Scars


He lay on his back in the center of a large slab table under several blindingly bright lights, trying to relax. The thin sheet barely shielded his body from the chill in the air, though at this point, the feeling was gone from his extremities anyway, so he didn't see how it mattered. As long as he could keep from shivering, it shouldn't affect their ability to address his wounds.

An attendant happened by with a tray of drinks. "How are you holding up?"
"Can you put the headphones in my ears? It helps me stay still."
"Of course," she smiled kindly, sympathetic to his situation. "Good luck with it today. Did you want me to adjust the glasses too?" "No, they're good. Thanks." "They'll be here soon. Press the button if you need me." Finally, the team of technichians arrived. He had come to know them well, and gave a slight nod at Caroline's gentle alert--her arm on his shoulder. "We're ready to begin, Adam. Remember it's imperative you keep as still as you can." "I know. We've done this enough times by now."

"You'll be fine," she comforted him. "Do you need anything to help you relax?" "I've got the music; I'm fine for now."

"Just say the word if you need anything. You remember my assistants?"

"Hey guys, good to be back. If anyone has to see this much of me, I'm glad it's you." The whole room chuckled. "I'm going to lift the sheet. We'll spend about thirty minutes mapping the incision points. Then we'll discuss the burns. Once we're confident in our plan, we'll begin. Please do fall asleep, if you can. Everything will go more smoothly." He did fall asleep, and awoke again nearly five hours later, stiff and sore, but amazed at his transformation; they had done it again. As impressive as their work was, he was quietly grateful this was that last day they were scheduled to reshoot the battle scenes, and for the rest of this year, or maybe his life, he'd never have to wear that much makeup again.

Want to make one of your own? Next week's prompt is, 

"end of an era."


  1. That was awesome! Threw me for a curve there...I was ready for some kind of surgical mishap to go down.

  2. Fantastic writing Krisann! Is this part of a larger story? If not, totally could be...

    1. Thanks K! It's not part of anything, but this is exactly the kind of exercise that always leads to a long-term project! Have you been following the weekly Flash Fiction efforts? I have loved writing them every week.