Friday, February 22, 2008

At the Wild Animal Park

I can't get over the expression on her face. She looks like she's about to declare some quippy or sarcastic comment! I love it! She loves being outdoors, in fresh air, more than anyhting. This was a beautiful day; our date day, but it started raining on us. Aaron prayed, and it stopped! A full 2 hours later, we got into the car, and within 20 seconds (with no warning) it started pouring! Jesus loves us!
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This one's from Christmas... at Gramma Cindy's house in Texas. I was really sick, and
she just got a little runny nose AFTER we got home, Praise God! I felt like I almost died
from flying congested, I can't imagine if she had gotten it.
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Miss Miah

Just hanging out with mommy!
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