Hi, I'm Krisann.

       I write, edit, perform, and parent. 

       I guess I 'wife' too, except wife is not really acceptable to use as a verb, and not wanting to break from form, I chose not to include it. I suppose I shouldn't have mentioned that at all. Maybe in another area? I dunno; it seems a bit late to be making these speculations now.

       I've been married for over ten years, which makes me feel a bit old, but also proud to admit. Le Husband (Aaron) and I have two daughters and a baby son together, the likes of which the face of this earth has never seen. I'm not kidding, they are ridiculously rad kids. I will quote them here, often.

       I grew up in a small town/big family scenario, moved and met my love in ministry school, and have been a grown-up ever since, apparently.

       What is Now Hark This!? It's an education, of sorts. This is where I force myself (and hopefully others, kicking and screaming if need be) to learn to get the creative stuff burning a hole in the brain O-U-T and into the world. This is often very, very hard to do. So this blog space is where I trust myself to craft stories and let them live on paper or on screen outside of me, in their own little form with their own little life. Sometimes they're non-fiction essays and humorist observational ramblings, and other times they're very fictional tales and sometimes you might see a little of yourself in the story and I'm denying right now that anyone I know is written into my stuff so do not ask me if the girl with the shopping problem in the short story is you, okay, Hannah

       I hope you'll participate in one of the writing events, or leave encouraging comments, or just read and be inspired to find a stage for your own creativity, so it can be out here, and stop burning your brain. Because, seriously. Headaches and stuff. The worst.  


Some favorite things, in no particular order, pseudo-Julie Andrews style:

  • Literature.
  • Quality time with quality people.
  • Theater.
  • The color aubergine.
  • That certain impish grin of my husband's.
  • Linguistics.
  • Design.
  • Reasons to say ampersand in conversation.
  • My littles, who melt and amaze me daily.
  • Being a foodie, married to a chef.
  • Comedy.
  • Learning and research. No, seriously.
  • Cherries. Pistachios. Brownies, cookies, chocolate in general. 
  • Film. But not in a pretentious way, promise. I just adore good stories and great storytellers.
  • Dancing.
  • Making stuff up.

For goodies like the background I happily found after months of searching, follow designer Jessica Jones over at How About Orange.