Friday, March 25, 2016

Art Outline Unit 7

Art Fair Week!

A quick break from all the second grade work! A little project perfect for a pre-K or kinder class. 

Our school hosts an art show in conjunction with Open House each year. For the 2016 art fair I was able to include the pre school in the show with these adorable symmetry monsters! 

-Cut black circles, smaller white circles, and black semi-circles for the monster's eyes and mouth. 
-Gather paints and other supplies. 

In class:
I worked with students in pairs during their rotations. 

Pass the students the eye circles and ask them to glue while you write their names on their page. 

Give them a mini pallete, pre-set with a selected color scheme (unless you don't mind all-brown monsters!) and let them have at it. 

After they've painted a bit, nearly fold the paper in half and ask the student to help you press the paint into one symmetrical shape. 

Carefully unfold to reveal the monster body!

Usually there will be a pretty obvious "eyes" spot. The most fun was asking the kiddos whether they wanted a happy monster or a mad monster. 

They were great fun and all the kids were very proud of their creations being in the show with all the big kids' work. ☺️

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