Thursday, November 3, 2011


Oh, the old tales of great Leaders-of-Men
have been told to us all again and again.
Now one in particular--take heed to recall
about Captain Odie, bravest of all.

Months into years of repetitive blight
with only his ol' country home in his sight.
For cursed did he the gods of his feats -
they took it as challenge, and arised to meet.

So mere miles from home, they sent a great wind
and against mighty storms he still'd never rescind.
True imps and ill creatures our hero did know.
His worst encounter--the story of this poem.

Like all good seamen, Captain Odie well knew
of the darkly troubled waters they passed through.
How the island off starboard troubled the crew!
-but because he's the hero, he knew what to do.

"Tie me to the mast!" the order came,
"No matter how I may cry out, leave me the same,
and cover up, too, your eyes and your ears.
Then row men, your hearts out; keep safe from your fears."

An eerie silence fell as they row'd along
Then all in a minute, he heard her song.
The power of her call he did not expect.
His courage, his passion! All displaced, to affect.

"Oh, men. She needs me!" He screamed out to his crew.
"And she promises treasure for me and for you!
Chocolate chip cookies, Vanilla Coke galore.
Nutella croissants, root beer floats, and more!

"A cup of espresso, milk perfectly steamed.
Java chip iced lattes, topped with whip'd cream.
Peanut butter dipped into dark chocolate bites.
Go, let us go, men! Fulfill in delights."

The boys rowed on--into safety they passed.
The old captain's senses returning at last.
But a tear did he shed, comprehending her plea.
"She was tied up, too. She just wants to be free."

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