Sunday, January 1, 2012


For the year 2012, I laid out a plan for small, totally accomplishable improvements to tackle each month in three categories: body, brain, and home. We're aiming to take good care of our selves, enrich our creativity, and continue our structure and organization mission. The aim is to continue any and all good habits and patterns started in one month into the next. By December 2012, we will have stacked up a whole slew of accomplishments and life adjustments. On with the show!


Body: Water cleanse.
Cleansing time! I'm nursing my baby still, so my cleanse options are limited, but even if all restrictions were off, this would still be a body-loving choice--I'm going to drink water, and only water. The Holidays are full of reasons to indulge in sweet foods and drinks and I'm sure I took more than my share; anyone may know this about me: I am a huge fan of cookies and hot chocolate. Aaron may choose to tackle something more, but we're both sticking to water for the month.

Brain: Read a book together.
I've long had the itch to tackle some of the classics, either again as a more mature reader, or for the first time. For our first foray, Aaron chose Wuthering Heights. Score!

Home: Dining storage.
As we kick off our continued quest for ever-more organization, the first focus will be my table full-to-overflowing of crafty supplies. It's split between my and my girls' tools for various creations and in desperate need of a solid restructure.


  1. Ok, I am following your lead and I am committing to only water (and black coffee/tea?) for the month of January!
    I will also do a book "The Stranger" is my commitment.
    Thanks for posting this today, just what I needed!

  2. Wuthering Heights? I started this once and lost interest. Tell me what you think and maybe I'll check it again. :D

  3. Mrs--huzzah! I love having comrades in these kinds of endeavors.

    Blackfields--I just finished Jane Eyre; excited to be able to compare and contrast between the work of the two sisters.