Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Case of the Mondays

Yesterday was Monday; Aaron's day off, and thus, adventure day! Brilliant. We went on a treasure hunt of sorts, and were not disappointed.

Found in South Park:
Free fortune cookies from an old Chinese man because Miah is just so cute.

That Ezra has a teething fever. Poor precious baby.

A shop with charming teeny succulents which totally inspired me to build a micro cactus garden.

An enchantingly empty early-40's Post Office building, in just the right location, practically begging to become a restaurant. We'd call it Evening Post, or something.

A cobbler(!) who will fix my favorite boots for forty bucks.

A belated Christmas present from Aaron. This is an installment into my incredibly specific, Broadway-musicals-with-very-graphically-designed-covers vinyl collection and a free(!!!) vintage chair to refinish.

Found in Kearney Mesa:
Dinner at Sushi Deli 3. The sushi was good, but I think the line out the door before they opened and persisting into the evening may have had more to do with the cheap beer than anything.

Now we've arrived at Tuesday. Back to routines and chill days and essentially our Monday.

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