Friday, September 25, 2015

Art Outline Unit 1

Second grade art lesson studying saturated colors and strong shadows in the style of Wayne Thiebaud.

-Light colored construction paper (I gave three options--if the kids didn't have time to completely cover their paper it would still look vibrant with the color of their choice).
-Oil Pastels

40 minutes, plus 5 to clean up.

After a quick introduction to the artist and his style, we got going.

Direct draw the outline of a round cake, cake plate, layers inside, and a line across the back to differentiate wall surface and table surface. Explain where to erase for the 'cut out slice' section.

Emphasize vibrant color choice.

Teacher Sample:

Just a couple of the Students' work examples:


  1. Those are really good for second grade.

    1. There were plenty who struggled to fill their whole page with color, but hey still all turned out lovely! I did choose three of the strongest to be the examples here. :)