Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Things I do to avoid doing the thing I'm supposed to do.

  • Think of what I've been meaning to add to my grocery list/order from amazon, and go write it down.
  • Text my brother.
  • Grab a snack. 
  • Text my friend.
  • Take a picture of my daughter napping.
  • Update facebook.
  • Check the weather. 
  • Almost ANY other chore.
  • Decide what I'm wearing isn't comfortable enough anymore, and change into something else... but not before rolling through my closet's options three times, and moaning at my lack of options. 
  • Look online for cute shirts to add to my wish list.
  • Check facebook again.
  • Remember that music helps the chore go along faster, and put together a playlist.
  • Play a game on my cell phone.
  • Wander outside to verify the weather report I'd checked earlier. 
  • Update the blog. 
  • Refill my snack. 
  • Empty my bladder.
  • Get a drink.
  • Return a phone call. 
  • Finally get into the zone, the sweet spot. Work is going at a rhythm and pace that feels great, and I want nothing more than to keep plugging away at the project, undistracted, until completion. 
  • Get the kid up from the bed when she wakes up from her nap, frustrated that I didn't finish my job.

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