Wednesday, July 4, 2012

iPhone in ICU

This. Is. Terrible.

My biggest Little dropped my iPhone in a toilet today.

She was playing a game on it, and had dripped something on her shirt, and asked for a tissue. I told her to grab a bit of tissue from the bathroom, and didn't notice her taking the phone along with. She quickly came out with the drippy device, and explained in an apologetic tone where it had fallen. She hadn't even gotten around to wiping her face.


I am not a woman of excess. I buy the cheapest version of the nice things I want, sometimes waiting months to save up enough cash to make my purchase. I read reviews and study specs, so that I avoid most buyer's remorse. Once the long-waited for thing is mine, I do a great deal to keep it well maintained.

My phone, for example, is a 3gs... purchased long after the 4 was released. It was super cheap that way.  In the two years I've used it, I, like many others, have relied on and grown attached to my phone. I have no scruples about this.

The funny thing is, in all the nearly 24 months I have had my phone-turned-personal assistant, I have had an irrational fear of it falling out of my back pocket (where it nearly always resides) and into the dirty drink. I envisioned the scenario more than fifty times, at least. Now, today, in the hands of my sweet preschooler, it met its match.

It is currently resting in a small vat of dry rice, having been air-compressed out first.

The prognosis is not necessarily good. I have done a lot of research at this point, looking for miracle stories--it seems about fifty-fifty. Sayin' a little prayer for my phone tonight.

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