Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February. One Down, Eleven to Go.

For the year 2012, I laid out a plan for small, totally accomplishable improvements to tackle each month in three categories: body, brain, and home. We're aiming to take good care of our selves, enrich our creativity, and continue our structure and organization mission. The aim is to continue any and all good habits and patterns started in one month into the next. By December 2012, we will have stacked up a whole slew of accomplishments and life adjustments.


Body: Dessert
Water cleanse last month went well, and I am pleased to report I'm re-hooked on water. I think of it more than milk or juice again, huzzah! This month is the festival of chocolate hoarding and consumption--yeah for Valentine's Day! Therefore, for the month of February, we will refrain from any sweets that are not home-made. Home-made desserts and treats are likely to be better for the body for two reasons. Firstly, they will be lacking in preservatives and shelf-stabilizing ingredients which really would better not end up in a living body. Secondly, if you're going to take the time to make up a dessert from scratch, you're (me especially) likely to indulge less often. This is going to be some severe self-control on my part, and I'm thinking the timing of this goal is especially poignant.

Brain: Finish last month's book!
Life does a great job of sidelining your plans, and both my brain and home goals from January will be reallocated to this month. I took a job editing a book for a friend (so great!) so my reading time disappeared while I adjusted to my new schedule. Aaron started school again, too, so we're both playing catch-up this month. Not sweating it. Next month will see the start of a new book, as well as an activity I'm very excited about getting underway.

Home: Dining/schooling storage
I bought some supplies for my job instead of my shelves, again, as these things go. Tax return is coming, so shelves are sure to follow! Also, I'm patient as I can be, his wait to replace my washer is killing me. Get here soon, money!

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