Monday, February 20, 2012

Dear Laundry-Room Sharing Neighbors,

I don't want to be using the shared laundry facility, believe me. I've got enough washing to tackle without also having to try to schedule trips to a laundry room while my children are sleeping. Trust me, I understand it must be frustrating for you to come out to the laundry room throughout the day, only to find what appears to be the same load of washing waiting in the same machine; it's frustrating for me to let it sit while I find a way to get to it. I know you must think me inconsiderate for leaving it for several hours of the day; I can tell by the way you take all the items out and stack them on top of another machine in order to wash your own stuff--repeatedly, even though I put it all right back in after you do that. You know what? I'm not mad that you think your laundry more important than mine. It's irritating, sure, but I never get mad at you. In fact, it brings a little smile to my face, because what you don't know is that those cloth diapers you're moving are in there so long because I've been down to the laundry room several times today, putting them through the special set of separate rinse and then wash cycles they need before they are clean. Every time you take my baby's diapers out in frustration, you're getting wet poop all over you.

hugs and kisses,

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