Saturday, June 7, 2008

she called me ’mama’ tonight...

my baby girl has melted my heart yet again.

Today was spent on the beach celebrating Charles' birthday. Switchfoot was there; that was weird. So anyway, tonight after a long (and fun!) day Miss Miah was wiped: she completely conked out on the way home, as predicted. We let her sleep in her car seat for a few minutes while we got the house settled. The plan was to take a short family nap (Aaron's been up since 3:30am) because we were all pretty out of it. So just before we're on our way to getting her out of her seat to trasport her into our bed, she wakes up, cranky, I might add. She's not fully awake; just awake enough to know she needs me to feed her so she can pass out again. (She had been so excited to be at the beach she didn't nap at all and couldn't focus on eating... so she was both exhausted and starving!)

So Aaron pulls her out of the car seat and starts to walk into the bedroom, saying, "I'm going to let her rest with me and you can come feed her in a minute, k?" but I'm certain that's not gonna happen because of the level of tired/hungry she's at. So I start to tell him to wait, because she needs what only a mother can provide (haha), while she's getting more vociferous with her protest of being carried away. She can see that she's not getting closer to the food source, and that's irritating! *L*

So finally she reaches around Aaron and out to me, and looking right at me cries, "Mmaaaa, mmmaaaaaa!"

Oh, my goodness. I can't tell yet with words how it feels. Poor baby was still hungry and tired, but all I could do was hold her for a minute, lovin' on my girl. So that's pretty much the news for today. She's been saying "dada" for almost three weeks now, but I'm not sure if it's ever been calling to him, or not. I'll have to ask Aaron and see what he thinks when he wakes up. ;)

Enjoy your tomorrow, everyone!

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