Thursday, November 14, 2013

What happens when I'm sick...

Me: blah. please come home and take care of meeeeeee!

Me: i think i am a ghost.
Me: i coughed so much that I coughed up my soul and now I'm a computer-using ghost.
Husband: Here I come to save the DAAA- uh... NIIIIIIGGGHT!
Me: wooooOOOOooooo
Me: i'm a ghooOOooossst
Husband: Yay!
Me: yay? you want a ghost wife?
Husband: No. I thought you were saying woo. As in woohoo!
Me: you really need to read your texts better
Husband: Whatevs. Stop delaying my return!
Me: ghost wife can ONLY text so you need to work on your reading comprehension so we don't have any communication snaffus or mistaken hauntings

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