Friday, April 5, 2013

Non-fiction Friday--Like a Kid

If I acted like my kids, I would:  

  • Always say "I love you too!" and never "I love you," because I already know you love me before you say it.
  • Fall on the floor and wail in despair any time I got too hungry, which would be at least fourteen times per day.
  • Believe in every magical thing I hear about, with fervor.
  • Get away with so. much. crap. 
  • Make a game for how long I can avoid putting pants on - and try to break my own record every single day. 
  • Pet a lot of bugs and snails. 
  • Watch you carefully and try to be a lot like you.
  • Somehow manage to get my hair into the most matted tangles history has ever seen, usually observed in My Little Pon[ies] and other dolls with fake hair, all within a matter of minutes.
  • Cry like a banshee while you brush my hair.
  • Yell at the top of my lungs how much I love you and will miss you whenever you leave my presence. Even if it's just for a minute. 
  • Ask you 10,000 times if we can please just go to the park again. 
  • Ask you 10,000 times if I can have a piece of gum.
  • Ask you 10,000 times for a popsicle. 
  • Ask you for 10,000 popsicles.
  • Be heartbroken when you go to the bathroom without me. How could you?!
  • Try to push every button of every device I ever encounter, regardless of who is using it at the time. 
  • Climb onto your lap and then arms and then face if I need to get your attention because I love you THAT MUCH AND THIS IS URGENT AND NEEDS YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. HI.
  • Take at least 40 minutes to brush my teeth and empty my bladder each night. 
  • Refuse to try new foods until someone shoves a piece of it in my mouth, and then scarf the whole thing. It would probably end up my new favorite. 
  • Say at least four hilarious things every day.
  • Scream because my friends are screaming and it seems really fun.

Come to think of it, I probably already do at least half of this list. Husband has been consulted and his estimation is that the truth is closer to 75%, which is kind of expected when you consider these people are influencing me all day long. 


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