Saturday, January 26, 2013

Welcome Back! Writing challenges begin again next week.

I've missed writing these short weekly pieces, so let's get down to it!

After lots of feedback from various members and participants, I've altered our agenda a bit.

The first and third week of every month will still be reserved for Flash Fiction Friday. Prompts will be introduced, and without too much reworking or editing, take a bit of time each Friday to complete your offering and share it, either on your own blog (which will be linked up here), or submit it for publication on the Flash Fiction Friday Tumblr.

The second and fourth weeks will be non-fiction essay prompts, with a similar purpose to the flash fiction assignments: get it done quick and dirty if you need to, but just keep writing! This way, though, you can choose to write all month with me, or just pick a focus, and participate in either fiction or non-fiction, as you feel so inclined.

Any month with five weeks will be offering some quirky and surprising creativity challenges on the last Friday of the month, to keep us all on our toes and hopefully, to inspire the sense that creating every weeks begins to come naturally and flow freely.

I look forward to everyone's submissions for our spring session! Give me a heads up if you'll be joining us, and do leave feedback often. Everybody is here to grow.

First Flash Fiction prompt for next week is:

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