Thursday, June 7, 2012


Stand at attention, oh sweet soul of mine,
observe and deliberate on all that's divine.
Let not your long woes or your sighs so deep
steal away with awareness and lay you to sleep.
Hear now these words, sung softly and clear;
they are rendering open and pushing more near; 
they direct and align, for your sake and your crew.
Little vigilant soldiers - make my way ever true!
Let each whispered bond find a deep place to nest
and let pledges pilot as oils when pressed.
Raise up your head, love. Into glory extend!
The strength in your limbs points to what we intend.
Now stillness, be banished! Take all your constraining.
Sweet spirit, your substance was never in waning.
Lighter and freer, but stronger now, too; 
erupt, love! Do all that you set out to do!

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